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By Crocslized I meant the penetration rate of Crocs shoes. From today’s Crocs presentation at ICR XChange, Australia claimed the No. 1 spot in term of dollar spent on Crocs per capita (a.k.a., per person). Canada is second. US is not too far behind. China is also shown in the figure. So, take Australia as an example, on average each person spent $1.40 on Crocs in 2007. A big increase from $0.30 of 2006.


The CEO Ron Snyder is saying Germany, French, Japan and China are increasing doors (retail outlets) rapidly. With the slowdown of US economy and consumer spending, obviously international market is becoming key to Crocs sales in the near term. This is echoed by the new assignment for CFO Peter Case. Peter is going to be SVP for Retail Operations.

Expect seeing more Crocs in China this summer 🙂

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