Why companies attend investor conference?

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Well, if one does not, like Under Armor who skipped ICR XChange conference this year, rumors will go out. Quote StreetInsider “Under Armour (UA) Sinks On Fears Of Back-End Weighted ’08 Earnings”

January 17, 2008 11:01 AM EST Shares of Under Armour, Inc. (NYSE: UA) are under heavy pressure this morning which is being attributed to comments from Wachovia from the ICR Xchange about the company’s 1st-half 2008 marketing spend and back-end weighted 2008 earnings growth.

The firm said, “While UA is not presenting at the conference, we have learned that the company is planning to run a 60-second Super Bowl advertisement, and believe 1H08 marketing expenses relating to the launch of the cross trainer footwear product could cause 2008 earnings growth to be significantly back-end weighted. We believe total marketing spend for 2008 will be in the 12%-13% range, but a disproportionate amount could come in 1Q08.”

Oh, boy, why did you try to hide from investors (analysts), Kevin. You see even beaten down guys like Crocs and Heelys are there 🙂

Seriously, I think Under Armor has the most to lose in the slowdown of US consumer, because their sales is much more concentrated in the US (the football or baseball gears).

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