New 401k, $25 from MasterCard, Staples Rebate

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My new 401k plan did first purchase yesterday. I got 0.47 shares of company stock plus other mutual funds. If this rate holds, I am going to get 12 shares this year 🙂

MasterCard CCF settlement
I registered for $25 settlement fees. Now waiting its arrival to my mail box…I understand it will take a while.


Staples easy rebate
As said in its TV Ads. It’s easy and fast. I bought the stuff on Dec 09 and submitted the rebate same time on the web, without the item being sent. And I got the rebate check yesterday (Jan 17) in the mail box.

The best thing, is no box clipping (UPC code), no copying receipts, no stamps,…all these mess. Now if other merchants could follow Staples.

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