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For entertain purpose only, note I am not endorsing any one of the canidates 🙂

Super Tuesday surprise
1) Huckabee won 5 states in the south. Mitt, your “Huckabee is a spoiler” talk backfired.

2) The show me state (Missouri) voted for change; the coastal state (NY, CA) voted for more of the same. The US president has been a Yale graduate since 1988, and Bush and Clinton families have occupied White House since 1988. So much for the greatest democracy in the world 🙂

BTW, AP made wrong call for Missouri Dem primary initially and here is their explanation.

Stock analogy

Hillary: Microsoft, the incubent
Obama: Google, the upstart
McCain: United Technolgies, the power house
Romney: Blew up hedge fund (Romney was a VC and private equity guy)
Huckabee: ADM or Monsanto, enjoy the global agri boom
Rudy: remember IPIX or Taser, the once popular homeland security stock?

Does US president have lots of influence on US economy?

At least Clinton took credit for 1990s boom. But let’s be honest, Ronald Regan’s tax cut in 1980s laid a foundation for the boom, the end of cold war also helped cut the need for military spending.

In the same token Bush administration should not be blamed for all the economy problems right now. It was Greenspan keeping the rate low for long time and encourage real estate speculations, with the participation of wall street, lenders, banks etc. I’m happy Bush gave me $300 back in year 2001 and is going to give me back $600 this May/June.

Does US president has a lot influence on our daily life?
Well, I liked Bush’s tax rebate in 2001 and this coming May. Other than that, I don’t see much difference from a Dem president or Republican president. Certain industries will feel the change, the big pharma, the big oil, but we are not CEOs of those companies, so…

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