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Missing iPhones are found in China
According to InStat, a market research company, there are about 400,000 unlocked iPhone in China. Most of them are purchased in the US, unlocked and shipped to China later. An interesting side point is Chinese (smart phone) users are mostly for entertainment, while the US users focus on business functionality (email, etc., one reason Blackberry was so successful). Chinese translation from Xinhua:


RIM lawsuit

Poor RIM got sued again. Motorola sued RIM over some patents, and RIM filed a counter suit. Is Motorola degraded to NTP. Inc, the infamous patent troll? Come on, Moto, you can do better than that? After all, you guys invented the mobile phone (cell phone), right?

As a side note, I noticed the RIM stock (RIMM) was virtually flat during Fall 2004 to Fall 2006, when the lawsuit by NTP brought fear, uncertainty and doubts to the potential customers. But the stock took off shortly after the lawsuit got settled (Mar 3 2006).

RIMM stock chart 5 years
(Full size picture can be seen at Google Finance, click on 5 yr)

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