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For fun, please note I am not endorsing any of the canidate…

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Economy policy using Google
I googled “Obama/Hillary/McCain economy policy” and here is what I got. Note I only looked at the results from their campaign web site (click on the the names below to see the search results).

Hillary: she does not has a full page on economy, here is the best I could get (an old speech). Her web page has lots of issues but does not single out economy.

McCain: here is the economy stimulus plan page.

Obama: He got a full page on this issue.

I think most people agree Hillary has the most experience on Economy, but her web page is no good (at least from Google search perspective).

Presidents influence on economy

People usually think Presidents have a lot power, and influence in economy. But I disgree, as I said briefly in an earlier post: the US president has a lot power in terms of fiscial and tax policy. But he/she is not creating business value, he/she is merely dividing the pie everyone gets. And by doing that, he/she is providing incentive to certain people, industry (oil, pharma, IT, etc), and change the investments and behavior of people and business.

Bottom line: the US will probablly do better with the next president. But these days (unlike 4 years ago) I am more determined about my family own economy/finance future.

Business Perspective
Obama ran a better campaign: purely business wise, from message, marketing, to fund raising. Example: in summer 2007 I saw Obama volunteers selling Obama pins outside local blues music fair. But the most efficient campaign is run by Mike Huckabee: he is getting the most bang out of buck. Of course, the biggest loser is Mitt Romney and Rudy, how much money they paid (Mitt used some of his own money) for each delegate, then they are persuading the delegates vote for McCain?

Or, maybe they are asking for a VP or cabinet job in return? Too expensive guys 🙂

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