US Consumer

Reading Time: < 1 minute Or American consumers. I did not realized that the consumer credit card debt skyrocketed recently until I saw a year at Twitter. This chart has about 4 years of data: both the credit card loan and personal savings. The source of data is from FRED (I think it stands for Fed Research Economic Data): I… Continue reading US Consumer

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Recent Olivette Developments

Reading Time: < 1 minute (Update 2: 06-22-2022) Besides new apartments below (again The Oliver which is almost done as of June 2022, and The Opus Group Multifamily Redevelopment Project at Irvington and Reyem Courts which I assume will take some time / years or months), there are also two townhouses complex. Hilltop West-attached home redevelopment project and Olivette Townhouse… Continue reading Recent Olivette Developments

Week in review Jan 23 2010

Reading Time: 2 minutes What a week. Stock market indices dropped significantly in last 3 trading days of the week, following many events in the week. 1. Scott Brown won MA senate race No one see this coming until recently. Looking back this is actually easy to understand. A few days before the Tuesday election, I was thinking, if… Continue reading Week in review Jan 23 2010

It takes a pillage

Reading Time: 2 minutes the link to publisher here. author: Nomi Prins, formerly Managing Director of Goldman Also author interview by Vermont senator Bernie Sanders (I) at After Words (C-Span). There is a video link at the right. This book reminds something I read from Ruth’s Chris (Nasdaq:RUTH) 2008 annual report, Risk factors, bullet 5 (quoted below): Turmoil in… Continue reading It takes a pillage

The reasons behind China crazy real estate market?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Some thoughts after reading Wang Jiansuo’s Craziness of Real Estate Market. 1) Fundamental: demand, new household forming, and demand to live better (more space). In the US (according to Buffett) 1.3 million household forms every year, while in the booming years they are building 2 millions houses per year. I don’t have China’s number. Note… Continue reading The reasons behind China crazy real estate market?

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Healthcare reform likely outcome

Reading Time: < 1 minute Healthcare (excuse me, Health Insurance) reform debate has heated up lately, esp. in those contentious townhall meetings. One hot issue in debate is the Public Option (not the stock option, but rather a public choice for general public to buy). It seems to me this is losing steam recently, because of a mistake made by… Continue reading Healthcare reform likely outcome

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My analogies on healthcare reform protest

Reading Time: 2 minutes My wife asked me why there are so many outraged people on those congressmen/senators townhalls (she reads that from WSJ). I used an analogy. Imagine the metro (or buses) during rush hours in Shanghai (I used to take a bus almost every Monday morning in early 1990s, from my brother’s place to my working place,… Continue reading My analogies on healthcare reform protest