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Stars on Ice
We saw Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo yesterday, very nice. Both the show and the couple. By the way, a little advertisement, my wife had a nice write up for the event.

Stars on Ice pic

Like and don’t like about snow/ice storm
Don’t like
1) Clean up my car (I don’t have garage);
2) The normal 15 min commute takes one hour;
3) Almost fall while walking, have to take baby steps sometime;

1) Another excuse to come in late, or work at home;
2) The minor spin caused by the slick road is fun.

Why Buffet is wealthy and I am not
I paid for the car insurance options (comprehensive, collison) which are not necessary, and he is collecting the premiums and buy stocks at bargain price.

Xerox, Tivo, Google
When a company’s product or service is used as verb, it demonstrate the popularity of the product/service. But all popularity become commodity eventually. Will Google be the exception?

Another reason why Hillary failed
(According to NPR) The Jan. pay for Howard Wifson (Hillary’s communication director) is more than half million. With such a poor web site and other failures, I wonder if he should follow Steve Jobs “one dollar” salary.

The YTD market performance this year (Shanghai, US)

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