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This blog is mostly about finance and stocks, but I will share other intereting things as well. After all, life is more than making (or losing) money. (It’s about spending money as well 🙂

Wind shield stopped working in ice storm
It happened to me last Thurdsay, in ice storm The wiper quit working after working for a while. I did not panic but decided to take it into shop.

It turned out that the snow/ice freezed the connection joint of wiper (a.k.a, the “root” of wiper). The mechanic can feel the motor was very hot (poor guy, it tried so hard to rotate but got stuck by the ice). After clean up, I was ready to roll again.

Find clean rest-room in China
Find your nearest KFC or McDonald. Besides cleaness, it’s free which is not true in the public restroom (bathroom, powder room, lavatory) China 🙂

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