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I found this Samsung A437 cell phone deal through dealsea. I was thinking about replacing my good old Nokia 6010, not that I am not satisfied with the voice quality etc. I would like to get a flip phone (6010 is a candy bar phone, and I have to lock the keypad to avoid placing accidental call, and the time display is not clear). By the way, I got two (one for my wife), as shown like the picture below:

Samsung A437 cell phone pic logitech quickcam deluxe notebook pic

Another nice thing about A437: it is a quad band phone, and (if unlocked) can be used in China.

Logitech QuickCam Deluxe for Notebooks
Found it through my friend googlist. Here is the link.

I always liked Logitech’s product, and the price (after rebate) is $8.99. So I bought one.

(Update Feb 29) The web cam arrived last night. Amazon Super Savers free shipping is fast. The next step is fill in the mail in rebate form 🙂

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