CFA, 401k, Berkshire shareholder meeting

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I printed out the CFA exam admission ticket yesterday, the test will be hold on June 7. Still got to read up the economics (my least favorite topic). So far I have read “financial management and statement analysis”, “quatitive methods”, “equity analysis and portfolio management”, and I’ve almost completed the “Options and derivatives”. Another thing I need to read is “Ethics”: I intentionally put it off and prepared to read it right before the test. As I get older, my memory is not as good 🙂

I checked out the 401k and Rollover IRA at Vanguard this morning. I was surprised to find, after all these craziness, my portfolio is down 3.77% YTD. One thing I noticed is April was a good month for stocks. All the major indices went up.

Berkshire shareholder meeting

When I bought the Berkshire stock about a month ago, I thought about attending its annual shareholder meeting. But I decided not going this time, because of the upcoming CFA test and cost. Keep in mind if I go I will be one of 30,000 people sitting in a stadium to watch Buffett and Munger (I like to see him more closely). Buffett and Munger personally greets the shareholders coming outside of the north America at the meeting in a small event. I noticed Buffett appears more in public these days, especially on CNBC. As matter of fact, CNBC plans to do extensive report on this year’s event from tomorrow (Friday) to Monday. The actual meeting is to be hold on Saturday.

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