Where to donate for China earthquake?

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(Update May15) My friend Sun also set up a donation page for earthquake relief. He even put up a challenge (match) for Paypal donors. Kudos to him. I sent a check of $51.20 to OSCCF today.

NPR China earthquake
(Source: NPR.org, more pictures from NPR)

(Original) There are lots of organizations one can donate for the China earthquake, such as this list (Chinese) and another list (English). I think everyone can pick an amount and a charity feel comfortable. Also the wider the participation (more people give in small amount), the better. Note some employers offer match for certain charities, and there is tax deduction for donors if the charity has registered with IRS for that purpose (there is an EIN). Personally I am debating about the following two:

1. Overseas Saving Chinese Children Fundation: as name implied, the emphasis is on the need of small kids.

2. Peking Univ Fundation: Chinese, English, they said the donation will be “for the middle and primary schools in the disaster area in China. All donations will be transferred to benefit schools within a month.”

Match and tax aside, I treat giving like investing:

1) Children and Education are two important areas and we are interested in (investing);

2) Economy: most bang for the buck (I don’t have a lot money, but I want my money have meaningful impact).

3) With the unravel of devastation, money will be poured in. How to direct the money the most in need and reduce the waste will not be a trivial problem.

Companies reactions
China and international; direct and monotary

Highlight China Mobile restore of the wireless tower, keep always lines on for pre-pay customers in Sichuan regions

1. (Chinese) Famous blogger Ye Tan wrote article about various companies response in quake donations;

2. (Chinse) Vanke Chairman Wang Shi on why Vanke only donated two million Yuan (titled life is the most important);

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