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I am not a big fan of Jim Cramer, and I watch his Mad Money show (CNBC) mostly for entertainment. But he recently comes out this new tech series, which is a kind interesting.

What is new tech?
According to Cramer’s definition, old tech means the traditional sillicon valley stocks: Apple, Cisco, Google are good examples. We all know old tech companies, solve problems for business and consumers. They make the business more effient (Cisco, Oracle), and make our lives more entertaining (iPod, iPhone). Cramer thinks, with the global energy, environment, and food problems we are facing, the New tech, which are mostly old industrial companies, are trying to solve those larger problems.

I agree with him on this. Although I don’t agree him on every pick, especially those solar and wind stocks. But I think companies like Cummins (NYSE:CMI, diesel engine maker), Emerson (NYSE:EMR, diversified industrial, mini-GE), Eaton (NYSE:ETN, diversified industrial),…are very interesting. Not necessary I will buy the stocks right away, just thinking along the investing themes, the global trends (counting how many diesel engine Cummins sells in China), etc.

Emerson Electric logo

Note many of the manufacturing companies are based in Mid-west, I know CMI and ETN are in Ohio, Emerson is in St. Louis. Caterpillar (NYSE:CAT) and W.W. Grainger (NYSE:GWW) are in Illinois. John Deere is in Iowa.

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