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(Update) Two miners survived after 14 days of Sichuan earthquake. My inspiration.

(Original) You may notice I have not updated my blog as frequently as usual, one reason is I am busying preparing for the CFA level I exam this Saturday. Although the outcome of the test is far too early, let me offer some guidance and thoughts as I am a stock junkie. I did not realize how big the task is untill lately: in other words, I spent too much time on TV, which includes CNBC, election and NBA; I should have spending more time in Starbucks or Panera reading 🙂

Usually I got this “I should have studied harder” feeling when I sit in an exam, such as the CET level 4 and 6 exam in college. This feeling came early this time. A sign I am getting older?

Try my best
But on the other hand, I will not put too much criticism on myself. For one, I have not taken the test yet, and I don’t want lose my focus in the last minute; secondly, this has been a great journey, I learned quite a bit new things (hint: bond) from reading CFA materials (6 volumes). I also want to thank my dear wife for puttng up an absented minded husband in past six months 🙂

Last but not least, about the result, I think I will try to have a Ping Chang Xin 平常心 (peace in heart), which I learned from Mr. Fang (Fang Shou Cheng, the GRE teacher in Shanghai Qianjin English school). Just try my best. Improve a bit everyday. Remember the old teaching in my primary school: Hao Hao Xue Xi, Tian Tian Xiang Shang (Chairman Mao’s words).

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