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June 08 CFA result

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IS out. I could not fall asleep this morning at 5:30 AM, 2.5 hrs before the official score release. Logged into the web, hope to see something, nothing there, watched some Bloomberg TV, and back to sleep (listened to iPod actually because I could not fall asleep).

8:00 AM, back to computer again, could not logged in because too many people trying to connect to CFAInstitute web site. After 15 minutes’ unsuccessful tries, I did logged in. The first page says “June 2008 Pass Rate
Level I Pass Rate: 35%”.

I know I could be right at the threshold. Why not make it 40% so that I could pass 🙂

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CFA testing day experience, thoughts

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(Update June 8 ) Read couple interesting blogs on yesteday CFA exam. This one from Singapore, and another one from China (in Chinese).

(Original June 7) After came back from the Hilton hotel testing center, I went directly to Schnucks store, to get the Stella Artois beer, and 3 oranges. Why 3 oranges, because I saw 4 for $3. Apparently my mind is still stuck in the CFA exam: caculation on net income, cash flow blah blah blah. When I first saw the receipt shows $2.25 for 3 oranges, I laughed to myself: under normal circumstance I would just buy two for $1.50, much easier calculation. Anyway, if you came here looking for test specific things, I am afraid you will be disappointed 🙂

But I still like to write down some of my thoughts for the test and in general.

CFA test grading
(Grading paper for CFA test, source: CFAInstitute).

1) More people attended the test than I thought
In the grand ballroom at Airport Hilton, I counted there are roughly 300 (14*2*12) people for level I and II candidates. Why so many people and what is the composition of test takers? I saw both new graduate, MBA students and professionals. I am the rare amateur. Let me quote the press release from CFAInstitute which shows growth of CFA candidates in year 2008 vs. year 2007:

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Crunching time for CFA test

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(Update) Two miners survived after 14 days of Sichuan earthquake. My inspiration.

(Original) You may notice I have not updated my blog as frequently as usual, one reason is I am busying preparing for the CFA level I exam this Saturday. Although the outcome of the test is far too early, let me offer some guidance and thoughts as I am a stock junkie. I did not realize how big the task is untill lately: in other words, I spent too much time on TV, which includes CNBC, election and NBA; I should have spending more time in Starbucks or Panera reading 🙂

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