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I did not take too seriously of iPhone when it was launched a year ago. But I was wrong. My initial thought Apple jumped into the mobile phone world with a touch screen smart phone, with way too much fan fare (remember the Ads on CNBC, CNN etc?).

Well, now I think it set a new standard for smart phones for consumers. Apple announced its new 3G iPhone recently, and there are interesting customer spending analysis (Christopher Null) and iPhone manufacturing analysis (iSuppli). Numbers aside, a more intereting phenomena is, since the announcement of 3G iPhone, Nokia (NYSE:NOK) stock continued to drop. Note Nokia mainly sells outside of the US, while iPhone sells mainly inside the US. Interesting? The perception must be iPhone is going to each Nokia’s dinner: its source of profit, the N series smart phones.

iPhone and the rest of the world
Here in the US, I have seen Sprint launched this Instinct (Samsung), Verizon already got touch screen Voyger (LG).

China domestic brands, more pressure in its worst time (the prevalence of Shanzhaiji, as I said in yesterday’s post).

Side note
With the 3G iPhone priced at $199, the only US carrier carries iPhone AT&T will make money from service to compensate the iPhone subsidy (some rumors say Apple is selling iPhone at 399 to 499 to AT&T). That’s 3 or 4 months monthly fees of iPhone subscription (assume $69.99 month rate).

In other words, AT&T will not sell iPhone without a service contract (data plan). I think the unlocking iPhone business will be harder and harder. Where can they get the authentic iPhone? Oh, well they can get the knockoff HiPhone 🙂

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