How to ride the MetroBus?

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This morning I need to drop my car at repair shop for the day. Not wanting to walk back, or disturb my friend, I decided to ride the bus. I did some research about the bus last night. I used the trip finder to find the route, schedule. I tried it: from “Olive Blvd at Lindbergh Blvd”, to “Olive Blvd at Tempo Dr.” It gives me the time, I found 8:04 AM or 8:45 AM bus will fit me.

Things worked out well as I expected. Shortly after I drop the car, I waited at the Olive and Manson, and I saw the 8:04 AM bus coming. I got on the bus and paid $1.75. The ride took about 10 minutes. To my surprise, there are quite a few people riding the bus.

I understand right now it’s still impractical for me to take the bus to work. But what if everyone started to ride the bus, amid the rising fuel price? As the Addidas ad says “Impossible is nothing”. Maybe this thing is possible.

MetroBus map and ruotes

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