iPhone effect: II

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This Friday will be another big day for the Apple fans, the 3G iPhone will be unveiled globally. The past weekend I stopped by the local Apple store, I have not been to there for 6 months so my impression maybe more genuine. Besides the iPod touch (iPhone was absent), I found some of the sales associates are incredibly young, they look like high school kids. This reminds me many high school kids carrying MacBooks at the county library. So in a word, Apple was doing peer to peer marketing here?

What’s the use for iPhone?
I saw this question posted in Trader1688. Don’t laugh, this is a legimate question. My initial thought is the usual stuff such as MP3/video playback, web browsing, GPS,…as desribed in its offical web page.

But an unspoken factor is the show-off factor! The touch screen and one can zoom a picture using two figures, one can tilt the screen and the web browser will adjust…

Apple get into enterprise?
In May 2008 Business Week has a lengthy article speculating Apple get into business world. Apple has not done it officially with its Mac PC and laptop, but this iPhone will be its first push into enterprise. Apple has one advantage on this because most of its users are die hard Apple fans, and they are natual marketing people for the product. Think those college and high school kids, the MacBook and iPod generation, when they join the work force, they are going to ask for Mac for PC, not the good old Dell or HP.

It’s interesting to watch how it all plays out eventually.

(Update) A YouTube video about HTC Diamond, arguably the iPhone killer. It will reach the US in Sept. Did Steve Jobs purposely asked AT&T to delay it?

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