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Weekend review w/e 080208

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What recession?
Last Friday evening we went to local Red Lobster restaurant at around 6:30, and we were told there could be 25 min wait as we saw a large crowd. Being impatient as I was, we decided to try Olive garden. When we went there, same thing: we were told the wait time is 25 to 30 min. It seems to me the mid range restaurants, because people still eat in this economy recession. So buy Darden Restaurant (parent company of Red Lobster & Olive Garden) stock (NYSE: DRI)?

Software glitches
AA baggage handling system broke down on Monday, and the problem persisted more than 1 day. Read this ABC news. How could this happen?

AA baggages handling system break down JFK pic

Yahoo Finance messed up: it appears Yahoo Finance is messed up on Friday. The stock price quote is mostly wrong. It’s not the first time Yahoo Finance made mistakes. From time to time the stock chart got messed up too (I have pictures of both cases to back it up). Read Jeremy’s Why Google Finance makes me sad. Seems like lots of mis-managent in Yahoo (Finance). BTW, Jeremy jumped from Yahoo to Craigslist recently. Here is his frist day experience at CL.

GM, Yahoo woes
GM stock back to $10 after reported its 2Q 08, and a big loss result from the write down of leased SUV/trucks value, workers severance package, and a big drop in sales. Note SUV/Truck was GM (and Ford) cash cow just a few years ago, now with nearly $4 gas, people are staying away from SUVs. GM is trying to ramp up car production to meet consumer demands.

Yahoo had Shareholder meeting on Friday August 1. Tech-ticker has lots of report. The stock went back to $20 after the MSFT deal fell through, and truce between Icahn and Yahoo board.

The second decade in America
(Update, Aug 2) I just realized I am starting 12th year in this country. In other words, I have stayed in the States for last 11 years.

I always thought about coming back after school, after getting some work experience, and more recently after making enough money. But how much is enough for me to retire 🙂

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