How to find a job in the recession?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Compiled from various sources in last few months. I read those articles first from Yahoo Finance career-work section. A lot goodies there. (AP) Even in a recession, some companies are hiring. Quote: Help wanted: pharmacists, engineers and nurses. Believe it or not, even some banks are hiring, at least for their technology teams. (CNN Money)… Continue reading How to find a job in the recession?

Briefing excerpts 2008

Reading Time: 15 minutes I found fun read Briefing (via. Yahoo Finance) market summary, esp. on an eventful day. 06-22-2009 Back to bear? 4:30 pm : The S&P 500 moved sharply lower in broad-based fashion, which took it below the key 900 level for the first time this month. With sellers in control, the session culminated in the stock… Continue reading Briefing excerpts 2008

Yahoo Finance Goes Personal

Reading Time: < 1 minute Yahoo launched its personal finance web site. Here is the link. Yahoo Finance already has lots of information about personal finance. But this time I think they are trying to separate it out from the “investing”. I think it’s good in the sense that ordinary people really don’t want to mess with stocks, they would… Continue reading Yahoo Finance Goes Personal