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(Update Sept 3) It appears we are all duped by this news. There are reports (mitbbs) that this while thing is manufactured by MacRumors, or someone in China. I was not surprised to see another Fu Rong Sister like thing.

(Original) I heard about it from web these days, and found NY Daily news has pictures of this iPhone girl. She is a factory worker for Foxconn, the contract manufacturer for Apple iPod and iPhone. I remember a few years ago there were reports on bad working conditions for workers assembling iPod. Hope this time she won’t get fired for this honest and minor mistake. Note she was smiling at the camera, as I understand her month salary is about the retailing price of an iPod. Sometimes happiness is not directly related to how much money we make.

iPhone girl pic NY daily news
(Picture source: NY daily news, more pictures here)

BTW, it appear the GFW of China is back, as I could not find it using Baidu. So much for the change Olympics brings…

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