Labor day weekend

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Install software (web hosting)
Drupal, WordPress and phpBB. Had problems with the Chinese input (display). Found the solution to WordPress problem from web. Re-install the phpBB with Chinese langugage pack manualy, because I could not add Chinese langugage after the fantastico automatic installation. I will fight the Drupal problem later on (with the confidence installing phpBB manually).

John McCain event
Attended John McCain road to convention Rally at O’Fallon. Don’t get me wrong. I am not endorsing any candidate in this election, nor can I vote because I am not US citizen. I am interested in the election politics and have my own opinion though.

The reason to attend the rally was mostly for bragging rights: if the slim chance that McCain wins this thing in Nov., I could brag to my friends that I saw a US president at the scene. Previously the only presidential candidate I saw is John Edwards, well now I wish I have not seen him 🙂

Last but not least, I did read the CFA material (esp. Sat.), financial statement analysis, but I was a bit slow in terms of my pace.

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