This crazy presidential election

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Normally I don’t talk about politics or religion in my blog. But I was indeed excited by the John McCain interesting VP pick (last Friday) shortly following Barack Obama’s historical nomination last week. I am not talking just from gender or race point of view. I am talking about the excitment this election generates from the ordinary people. This noon when I was at lunch at “Jack in the Box”, I heard people talking about election.

I also noticed the intense emotional discussion on some of the Chinese bbs board. But I was not happy when I saw words like “McSame”, or more insulting ones like “Hussain”, “Osama” (to label Barack). Although I could not vote, I do have my own point of view, but I would not try to disparage someone just because I don’t agree with him/her. Also, I felt either president McCain or Obama will do better than president Bush, because they are centrist in heart, and they have a low bar for comparison.

There are lots of mis-information on the web, to smear the candidates from people with an agenda. I found this factcheck is a refreshing one because it lists the fact, and let voters to decide.

I also have a wild idea about the election. It seems this election will at least cost 1 billion USD. While I know US is the most affluent country in the world, I am sure there are a lot places in need of money in the US (healthcare, education?). To save the money, why not we have a beer drinking, bowling, or basket ball contest to select the president? I know boxing is the best, but it is probablly too brutal in our modern age. I know Barack is probablly better than McCain in basket ball, that’s why I added beer and bowling. Or something Uncle John feel more comfortable.

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