Most severe crisis since the great depression

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and here is President Bush has to say this morning (source: yahoo):

“We are working to reduce disruptions and minimize the impact of these financial market developments on the broader economy,” Bush said in the Rose Garden, choosing to address the market turmoil at the top of an appearance with visiting Ghanian President John Kufuor. “The policymakers will focus on the health of the financial system as a whole,” Bush said.

In the weekend, the No. 4 US invesetment bank Lehman Brothers went under, the No. 3. US investment bank Merrill Lynch was bought by Bank of America under recommendation by Fed (Bloomberg news). The goal was to make the buck stop at the Merrill. No one wants to see the No. 1 Goldman and No. 2 Morgan Stanley go under.

But they only got a temporary break. The focus now is on AIG and Washington Mutual. The problem for GS and MS, with BoA got Merrill, no company in the world has the resource to buy GS/MS without any goverment help. And the US goverment set a precedent they are not going to bail out anyone (Lehman, for example).

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