Clinton, cheap gas, new job

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Week in review 10/20 to 10/25

Bill Clinton visits Kirkwood
President Bill Clinton visit St. Louis this past Monday (10/20), and we got a peek at the popular former president. I always admired Bill’s speaking skills. He did the job well: he was making the case for Obama. His main talking points are: on key issues like economy, healthcare and international relation, Obama is much better than McCain.

That’s the first time I saw a US president. We did bring the “My Life” book but did not get the signiture.

New job
From tomorrow I will have a new job, a technical consulting job which allows me work from home. Last I checked, the regular unlead gas price is $2.48 at the station near my home. Not much gas money saving from “working from home”.

Cheap gas and economy
Seriously, I think the cheap gas means two things:

1) The US economy is weakening quickly, US consumes 25% of world crude oil, when US reduces demand, the crude oil dropped from $147 to $60s in 3 months;

2) Relief to US consumers, it is reported one cent of gas price decline means $1 billion money saved for consumer. So from $4 a gallon (3 months ago) to $2.50 we already had a $150 billion economy stimulus.

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