Visit Little Rock Akansas

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At Little Rock now. One new thing about my new job is more travel. Because I did not have much travel in my past jobs, I am in the mood for more trips.

Little rock downtown pic

Little Rock, Akansas is not a big town, but it got famous because of President Clinton was from here, he was the governor of Akansas before the 1992 election. Interestingly, we are at the verge of another historical eleciton, similar economy crisis, a new guy vs. an old guy. Oh well, 2 days later, when I come back, we should all know the results of election.

If I have time (which is very unlikely), I may go downtown and see the Clinton’s presidential library. One thing I am not sure is I am driving a big Buick LaCrosse. The Enterprise guy let me choose between Buick and Kia Sportage, I picked Buick sedan because I don’t want to drive unfamilar SUV.

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