Got my first Black Berry

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Today I picked up my first Black Berry: not the new fancy 3G Bold, but the good old 8820 from AT&T. My first impression with Blackberry is it’s decent, note I only played with the browser (Yahoo, Google), Goolge Mobile App, and web browse using Wi-Fi. Because I have tried out the Apple iPhone (at local Apple store) before, I had to admit the experience from BB and iPhone is different: iPhone web browsing is full fledged or desktop-like, while BB is more like WAP (text based, reminds me good old palm). To be fair comparing their web browsing is unfair to BB, because thats like asking Michael Jordan play baseball, not his strong suit.

Blackberry 8820 AT&T pic

Of course the main use of BB, is the email and phone capability, both of which I will have plenty opportunity to use later on.

On a side note, both Apple (Naqdaq: APPL) and Research in Motion (Nasdaq: RIMM) stocks took big hit lately, as the broad market dived in this global financial crisis. Personally I think both AAPL and RIMM should emerge from the downturn stronger, along with Google, the new player in this mobile space with its G1 phone.

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