Winter came to St. Louis

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Anhuser Busch became AB Inbev, a well known industrial icon. The new AB Inbev logo looks goofy though. The eagle is fly off the AB Inbev, what does that mean?

AB Inbev new logo

The endowment fund of Washing U. lost more than $1 billion this year (from $5.4 billion to $4.1 billion, on the paper), because of the weakness of recent stock market. The university is announcing cut back plans. This reminds me when the stock market was good, people tends to spend more. I guess university is not different from ordinary people.

The automobile industry bailout got stalled in congress. St. Louis already lost Ford plant a few years back. This year she lost the Chrysler (dodge caravan) plant, and significantly cut down capacity of the Chrysler Dodge Ram plant. I can understand why republican senator of Show Me state Kid Bond is working hard on the issue, besides St. Louis region, Kansas City also got big 3 plants (Ford, GM).

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