Thanksgivings and Black Friday thoughts

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The Indian Mumbai incident caught a lot attention these two days (started on Wednsday Nov. 27 10 PM Indian time). Obviously this is extra-ordinary and tragic event (there are no winners). But I would like to share two story I heard yesterday and today, both of which are much closer to our daily lives.

I heard this one from a caller at NPR Talk of Nation, the caller told an old story: about 30 years ago, she was a single mom with two kids, someone leaves a basket of things (from food to toys) every month to her doorstep. Obviously that gift helped her and her kids tremendously during that time. After she finished college and got a better job, she found out the anonymous giver from local grocery store and then she asked the giver to find another needy family: she started to do the same thing for the other family. It’s like a relay of giving.

Another story I heard today. We all know today is Black Friday, and there are many bargain hunters in stores. Yours truely had first hand experience at local Best Buy store (just stop by check out things), and the crowd is big as usual, which make me think are we really in recession? Anyway, this is the story caught my attention: A worker died after being trampled and a woman miscarried when hundreds of shoppers smashed through the doors of a Long Island Wal-Mart Friday morning, witnesses said. (Source: NY Daily News). This is just insane. What (if anything) is more precious than someone’s life? Another sad thing is: who can the victim family/friends blame for? All the people who step over the victim?

If I had some interest looking for deals today, suddenly I lost all of it…

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