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Final push for Dec 6 CFA I
Working on Schweser practice exam now. One lesson from last June test is too little practice exam (only one). Lets see if I could complete all 3 practice exams by Dec 5: with careful reviews and reading on weak spots.

Unite miles for WSJ
I got this idea from Kiplinger’s a while ago. And I have used this tip twice now. Last year I used it for my NWA miles (I had 33,000 miles from my China trip a while back); yesterday I used it on United for WSJ subscription. Redeem newspaper magazine can not only make the life of miles longer, but also supported the newspaper/magazine business. Plus, reading from the real paper (vs. computer, blackberry) can get me into better thinking. Also, keep in mind I tried to redeem the miles for air ticket as first choice, the magazine is just a way to burn some miles while extending the life of unused miles.

Work from home: Pros, Cons
I have worked for my new employer for a month (more precisely 4.5 weeks) from my home. I have anticipated working from home when the gas price was $4 a gallon, now with $1.43 gas, this has become a less factor. That being said, I want to summarize of the Pros and Cons I got so far:

1) Got more sleep, esp. in the morning, because now I also got blackberry, I can check my email or calendar in a second.

1) Amid recent financial crisis, I am feeling more uncertainty being so far away from the company.

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