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(Update) Yesterday Dec 15 is also a historical day in China/Taiwan relationship: the direct flight, shipping and mail all opened, after almost 60 years of disruption. Expect more mainland travellers to Taiwan, and more Taiwan fruits in China.

(Original) Have some interesting stuff to say about the trip. But I could not connect to my own blog STLPlace. So I am using this backup place.

Couple interesting things:

1) Saw lots of Chinese college kids on the airplane. More and more Chinese parents send their (only) child to the US for high school and college.

2) Hot temper of traveller and flight attendent. The guy behind me got a verbal fight with the Cantonese host (he is a guy). Eventually an American hostess came to calm the customer. I guess American has the older hostess for a reason: they have the patience.

3) Shanghai impression: first impression was not good because I felt the air is dirty at PVG airport and the bus. But once I am settled in hotel and went out for food, I felt at ease walking down the street and I loved the Gui Lin Mi Xian.

PS, just found out this blog is blocked by the GFW, wonder why dont they spend time and energy doing better things?

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