New Year Resolution?

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Summary of 2008
Aren’t we glad 2008 is finanlly over? I am sure most people (who are not hiding under rocks) are. On a positive note, most of us survived from the crash (so far). But we do learn a lesson or two on economy and market: live within means, don’t over extend yourself, and don’t borrow heavily and bet…I think those simple rules will apply in year 2009 and going forward too.

On a personal note, I changed my job in 2008, right in the middle of financial crisis. While it’s definitely a comforting thing to do, I thought it was time to move forward, and I will try to make it successful. Also, I took CFA level I (twice) in last year. Like the financial market turmoil, the CFA test did take some toll on me. While the outcome is still unkown, I think in a way I already achieved something: a systematic approach to look at equity and bond.

401k/IRA performance

Old 401k at Hewitt -36.30% (6/30/08 to 12/31/08, was managed by Vanguard before June 30);

Vanguard Rollover IRA -38.7%, that Rollover IRA was opened last Dec.;

New 401k not meaningful (started Nov. 15, duration too short).

New Year Resolution
It seems we all like to do those kinds of plannings, then things fall short during execution. I saw Amazon offered a top 10 New Year’s Resolution list (link here, note this is a STLPlace referral link), quite innovative.

For me personally, I like to do less with TV and Internet, partially to be offset by radio. Besides NPR, I found couple Chinese online radio stations to be interesting. Such as this one (CRI pop) and that one (CRI easy FM). Also I plan to do more C/C++ programming, after almost 2 months break 🙂

Last but not least, more exercise.

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