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What is the best investment one can make in 2009? Invest in yourself: health, family, financial knowledge, job skills, business skills,…among all I think health is the most important because without it everything else will get hit or become less meaningful.

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Amid growing belly I decided to do something about it this year. I used to have access to treadmill when I was living in apartment and working for my previous employer. Now I work from home, I need to find a fitness center. Not that I can not walk/jog outside, but you know the winter and summer in St. Louis are not that friendly. I asked the people at Fitness Edge (who does personal training), and they told me about Club Fitness. So I went there right away last Friday afternoon. They have 2 monthly plans: $14.95 and $19.95. I picked the latter plan because it gives more access in terms of time and locations, and it’s still under the reimbursement limit of my current employer fitness benefit. I have been to the facility a few times, and the only complaint I have now is it’s getting crowded in the evening (5 PM).

Interestingly, I thought about a pedometer would also do the job, and now pedometer app for iPhone are available on the iPhone App store (iTune store), such as this one.

iPhone pedometer Luminant software

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