Recent Bank Ads on WSJ

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We know CEOs of some of the nation’s largest banks are buying their companies’ stocks, to show their confidence on their respective company.

It’s also interesting to see some of the leading banks are putting up a lot Ads on Wall Street Journal. I took some pictures here from WSJ in these days and share them here.

(Citi bank shows a happy couple/home owners who got mortgage from Citi)

(This JetBlue ads encourage CEOs to ditch their business jet and use the discount carrier)

(In this Ad Bank of America is saying they are provding vital service to community)

(OK, this one needs a bit more explanation. Wells Fargo had to cancel a Vegas trip for its top sales person because of public anger. Note Wells took the TARP money. Here Wells is putting up a reconginzation letter for those sales people. Quite difiant, huh?)

PS, I found this video about Citi Bank nationlization a bit funny. Warning: don’t watch it in office or with your kids. A lot of F words.

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