My Berkshire Hathaway proxy vote

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I sold my remaining BRK.B share last week, and got some US bank (NYSE: USB) shares instead. The main reason I sold BRK.B is:

1) I don’t really understand the valuation of the business, which is 50% insurance + 50% manufacturing, housing, retailing etc. I have no idea for insurance and the whole thing is too complicated (big) for me.

2) I feel while Buffett escaped the worst market in 2008 with relatively few wound, he has appeared too much in public (CNBC?), and may have spent too much time with people he felt comfortable with (CEOs of Goldman Sach etc.). In other words, I hope he spend more time in Omaha, doing his thing/improving himself, rather than “start get into bubble”.


For the similar reason, I decided not to worship him in Omaha this May, although I understand the chance of seeing the great investor becomes slimmer and slimmer as time goes (as I told my wife 🙂

That’s OK, at least I voted with my best judgement. I will explain why I voted against some of the directors if you are curious.

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