From Shanghai Pudong PVG to Hongqiao SHA airport

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Right now the best way is take a shuttle bus (Line No. 1) or a taxi. Allocate at least 1.5 hours. Refer to ShanghaiAirport for updated info.

Route: Airport bus Line No.1 Tel: 8621-68346612

From Pudong PVG Airport To Hongqiao SHA Airport (vice versa)

Operating Hours
Terminal 1:7:00~23:00 (flight over)
Terminal 2:7:05~23:05(flight over)


Interval (Mins.) 15-25
Fare (RMB) 30
Stops none

In the future (after May1st 2010, according to Wang Jianshuo) there is the Metro 2, which will link those two airports.

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