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First Quarter earning reports for the stocks I own (as of this writing, it could change without notice). This is mostly for my own benefit, I want to collect them in one place rather than go to different IR web sites. Listening to conference call is a mixed experience, sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s boring. The most interesting part is the Q&A session, where the analysts and management goes back and forth: and I get the most out of things there (most of time).

US Bancorp USB beat slightly
Conference call (audio and slides)

McDonald MCD (barely according to CNBC)
Conferece call (for some reason it’s not working for me).

CNBC report (link).

Ingersoll Rand IR
beat the already lowered est (loss of 4 cents vs. previously est. 11 cents). Conferece call link, the stock jumped almost 16% as of now.

Conoco Philips (tomorrow)

Mead Johnson (next week)

NRG Energy (next week)

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