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Reading Time: < 1 minute (Update) According to Dow Jones News, USB sold 139 million shares at $18 per share. See the news at WSJ. (Original) When I say cheap, I meant in relative terms. My benchmark: Buffett endorsed 2 banks in Berkshire annual shareholder meeting: US Bank (NYSE: USB) and Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC). Many people did not know

May 11, 2009

Reading Time: < 1 minute First Quarter earning reports for the stocks I own (as of this writing, it could change without notice). This is mostly for my own benefit, I want to collect them in one place rather than go to different IR web sites. Listening to conference call is a mixed experience, sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s boring.

April 22, 2009

Reading Time: < 1 minute Time to do some homework, amid all these AIG bonus (Yahoo Tech-ticker; NY Times op ed), and toxic asset plan (Krugman vs. Geithner craziness). I decided to calm down and took a look at US Bank (bancorp) (NYSE: USB; company IR page). Articles I read from seekingalpha Amit Kumar: Bank stocks: invest or trade? Martin

March 25, 2009
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