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The thing finally came from Dell Small Biz (via UPS). My initial impressions: meet expectation (I understand this is not an iPhone killer, rather a notch below iPhone, as the $240 price tag much lower than iPhone $499 price tag).

(Left: iPhone; Right: Nokia 5800)

1) The size is about right, slimmer than iPhone, but wide enough for most applications;

2) Tried the following: phone call, calculator, radio, wifi, web browsing. All worked well except web browsing (I could not scroll a page from left to right);

3) This bring up another interesting question: as I have used iPhone before, I can not do the multi-touch thing (zoom, slide from left to right) on 5800;

4) The embedded speaker is very good, Nokia must spend money to make sure it plays music well;

5) The headset has a very short cable, so I used my regular 2.5″ diameter headset instead;

6) The web browser shows the data being downloaded for each web page. It’s amazing to see google web page loads in seconds, while my blog has more than 1M data to load.

(the application icons for iPhone and Nokia 5800)

Reference: theNokiaBlog Nokia 5800 Review of Hardware.

(Update June 5) Found one reason the touch screen is not as sensitive as iPhone, quote Engadget:

Resistive touchscreen, huh Nokia? We’re intrigued, but certainly wouldn’t say impressed. Nokia claims the decision was made to appeal to the world market, particularly asian countries that prefer handwriting recognition to keyboards. Hence the stylus input option. It doesn’t ruin everything for those of us that would rather tap with our thumbs, but means pushing that much harder on the screen, and using the tips of your fingers when you type instead of the flat — knocking off a good 5 wpm or so in the process — we’ll talk more about software keyboards in the next section. There’s also a plectrum (guitar pick) included that can hang from a wrist strap if you don’t want to smudge the screen and don’t feel like sliding out the stylus.

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