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We went to MUNY last night, Meeting Me in St. Louis is on.

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It’s 4th season I went to MUNY, I still remember in year 2001/2, I did not even know what MUNY is when a colleague wanted to give away MUNY tickets. Long words short, MUNY is the largest outdoor musical in the US. It’s being shown every summer in the outdoor MUNY theater at beautiful forrest park (history of MUNY). You don’t have to pay to see the show, the last 7 rows of seats are available on “first come, first serve” basis.

Last night, not sure whether it’s because of the popularity of the show (Meet Me in St. Louis is always big here), or the economy. Basically when we arrived at around 8 PM, all the empty seats are also reserved (hold). Interestingly when we stood at the last row (near the entry), the service people asked us if we would be interested in finding seats and sit down: in other words, what they really want is for us to buy the Terrace C seats, and generate extra revenue. I am ok with that, because I think like other cultural crown jewels in St. Louis (KWMU/NPR; KTEC/PBS), they can use some help in this tough time.

So we bought the tickets, and sit in Terrace C and had a great time watching the show (my second time watching this).

(Update July 12) Bill McClellan has a great piece on Meet Me In St. Louis at STLToday.

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