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I was looking for an iPhone radio stream (particularly wma format because it seems middle kingdom likes this Microsoft audio format), and I found this FStream at iTune store to be good. After I set up the following:

北京人民广播电台首都生活 (Beijing Radio)
format: wma
rate: 64 k/sec

FStream Internet radio on iPhone Nokia 5800 Radio

(Left: FStream on iPhone; Right: regular FM radio on Nokia 5800 XM)

It turned my wife’s iPhone into an Internet radio (almost). I am going to try if I can do the same on my Nokia 5800, noticed Nokia Ovi store has a Nokia Internet Radio app.

My thoughts
Internet radio on computer (desktop, laptop) is nothing new. I remember this thing 11 years ago back in school, when my American friends listened to radio on PC (Internet). Internet radio on PDA had also been realized (Wifi) 5, 6 years ago. Now this converging device smartphone is going to make it ubiquitous. Technology is really changing our lives in this aspect, now if I could find the mms link for Shanghai Oriental radio, the radio station I listened to almost 20 years ago.

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