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I remember once my Accounting instructor told his father bought him a Kansas ulility stock when he was a kid (maybe 10 years old or so). The interesting part is everyday he would read the stock section of newspaper and check the price of his stock. One reason he chose accounting as his profession. I also believe everyone remembers his/her first stock purchase clearly, for me that’s also my first employer (a large state owned manufacturer decided to go public in early 1990s). For my kid, I am think of the follow stocks for “buy and hold”. Note this is mostly for fun, not trying to making money for kid’s college fund. That being said, those companies have excellent fundamentals and will be in the business for a long time, I think.

1) Disney (NYSE:DIS): cartoon and theme park. I recall from a friend saying “take your kid to Disney before he/she became too old: that is, he/she knows those are fake”. Then there is no fun. Very good point.

2) Mead Johnson (NYSE:MJN): infant formula (milk powder), and other nutrition products.

3) Johnson and Johnson (NYSE:JNJ): diapers, and other necessaties.

4) McDonald (NYSE:MCD): burgers and fries. Kids like their toys, but I hope my kid not eating too much MCD.

PS, yesterday (07/30) my wife went to the ultrasound, and for the first time we saw our baby from the ultrasound screen. Amazing. The other day I joked with my wife, when I was born (I was born in a village early 70s, delivered by 接生婆 Jie Sheng Po/Midwives) there is no this check up, that check up for my mom. Maybe another reason for the cost of healthcare?

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