Pros, Cons and Tips of GPS

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I am using a Garmin 755T GPS to nagivate Boston. This is my 3rd trip using GPS. The first one was Chicago trip before July 4th.

Recalculating when I took the wrong road;

Dependency on GPS, so I will not read maps in the future?

One more thing to pay attention besides road and traffic;

Sometimes the number could be off (I metioned it on Hilton Garden Inn, this could caused by the rapid development);

Pay attention to the road to turn to, and the “pink” road which means I should take (I had to admit I am not very good at this);

I can use my GPS for walk too, although the default routes and instruction are for automobile (one-way street etc.);

Things nice to have
Opening time for restautant. Today I went to Shanghai Gate at Harvard Ave. (more than half an hour drive from my hotel because I am not familar with the roads). And they are closed.

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