Happy Thanksgiving

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from the “Show me state” 😀

Obviously this is not a good year in terms of economy, we are all affected by the recession (and high unemployment rate) in some way. Last I heard, 1 out 4 mortgages in the US are under-water (yours truely got to be in the lucky 25% in this case).

But there are still many things to be thankful for, e.g., about 90% of the people (who want to work) still got jobs; thanks to Bernanke and Geithener, we are not getting Great Depression 2.0 (we are getting Great Recession instead); the stock market actually rebounded significantly (aka most of 401k got back to where it was a year ago, provided we did not jump in and jump out in the wrong time), more importantly credit market got new life (again thanks to B&G).

We still got Macy’s Parade. We still eat Turkey (oh well, although President Obama pardoned one as a symbolic move). We still got black Friday, although with the web we can do that online (pretty much).

Last but not least, we will have a baby.

Now talking about consumer spending, and make them pay for our social security and medicare (when we get old).

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