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I was in Las Vegas this week, attending a technology (software) conference. One tip to share at the beginning: Google Free Wifi at LAS airport. It appears my Boingo service does not have wifi spot here, but Google provided free Wifi during holidays until Jan 15. They even have some “google colored” bean shaped couch laying around for people to rest.

iPhone and Cloud computing
iPhone is everywhere, from the conference participants, and the travelers on the airport and in the airport. Easy to run out of battery appears to be a problem for iPhone. I found a guy using the Richard Solo battery charger (slightly small than iPhone), and there are couple Verizon Charge stations in the airport which are popular for iPhone and laptop users.

I found some net-book users too, it got Wifi connections and good battery life. I noticed Google Chrome OS will designed for net-book initially, I expect it will take some shares from Windows XP. Because most people use net-book for basic things, and there will be no much difference for XP and Chrome. Google may integrate its service better on Chrome. Let’s see.

Why people like Las Vegas
I think one reason ordinary people like Las Vegas is they got an opportunity to live like king (or queen). I met a Canadian guy from Montreal. He said he never stayed in such luxury suites before (paid by the conference). So do I.

In more general terms, as I read from fellow gutonians (link), different people go to Vegas for different reasons. That’s true, I remember many years ago back in school, a young student told me he went to Vegas to see the beautiful buildings 🙂

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