Happy holidays and remember exercise

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It’s that time of the year again, this year it put another perspective after such a crazy year in terms of financial and job markets. The other day I met my former boss at the mall, and was surprised to learn one of my co-worker passed away this year. I was aware of my co-worker health problem, but I could not believe his passing because he is about my age (I am not disclosing my exact age here but I think I am still fairly young).

Holiday tech gadgets gift ideas
Saw David Pogue (NY Times) holiday tech gadgets ideas from CBS Sunday Morning show. One thing caught my attention, the Philips DirectLife, basically it’s a wearable gadget one can wear on neck, or slip on belt, to track his/her daily physical activities, and can analyze whether he/she get enough walking in office (or gym). I think it’s a great idea. Here is a review, quote:

The system is available from the DirectLife online store now, and will run you $79 (until October 30th) and includes a 4-month membership. After the initial 4 months, membership will run you $12.50 a month. This product is available in the US and the Netherlands only at this time.

I am not suggesting Philips DirectLife is the only game in town, there are other alternatives such as iPhone pedometer. And, don’t forget the good old gym membership, at $12.50 a month (for Philips DirectLife), it’s very close to the basic membership fee at my local Club Fitness ($14.95).

My bottomline: obviously there will be a lot of work around holidays for us adults, from shopping to eating, similar things can be said for us all around the year: work, taking care of kids,…but don’t forget your own important thing such as proper food, enough sleep, and exercise…

Happy New Year to all šŸ™‚

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