Some thoughts on investing strategy

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Index or value investing for retirement: so that we can sleep well at night;

Crap shoot for speculation: so that we may get rich some day before retirement age;

But those are just tactic I learned from Your Mind & Your Money series of NBR (PBS) and from my own experience. The most important lesson of all investing (be it value investing or other kind of investing/speculating), is stay on the course: focus. Find a strategy fit one’s need and don’t think grass is green is neighbor’s yard.

Retirement acct review
It seems 2009 was a boom for my retirement accounts. It pretty much recovered and then gained some from the crash of 2008. I am not looking for one year performance for this sort of things here. But I will take it regardless. As of now I still leave my old 401k with my old employer. I also have a Rollover IRA and current 401k with Vanuguard. Still have not decided whether moving the old 401k into Rollover IRA. One thing I am looking for is a low volatility period so that my portfolio does not take a hit during a move (not looking for timing the market).

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