iPad: funky name cool stuff?

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There are already a lot of talks about iPad now that Steve Jobs showed off his latest toy. The name is funky because “pad” has a lot of meaning, and there are people already making fun of that, such as this video at Youtube.

But seriously, boy, this is cutting edge stuff in terms of technology. Apple has a video on its own web site, which explains the functionality and features very well. It’s more like a builder’s explainations of why the house is beautiful. Obviously, this new toy launch won’t be complete without the blessing of the chief creator: Steve Jobs.

(Source: cnet video from Youtube)

Last but not least, because its OS and hardware are similar to iPhone, most iPhone App will be able to run on iPad. Currently there are 140,000 apps at App store. Besides App store, there are iTune store (music, video) and iBook store (to be launched). The iPad starts at $499.

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