Happy Chinese New Year & start new job next week

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First want to say “Happy Chinese New Year” to my readers. Chinese (lunar) New Year, the year of tiger, starts on Feb 14, 2010.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Today is my last working day with my current employer. I switched to my current job about 15.5 months ago, in the middle of financial crisis (what an co-incident). I recall in last Chinese New Year’s day I was on road for business (the downside of consultant job). Obviously there is upside of working as consultant too (see different people and places; working from home, again Pros and Cons there).

I will start my new job on Monday Feb 15. Another co-incidence is my next employer and my first employer starts with same syllabus.

BTW, an excellent YouTube video on “how to quit with class” (saw it from Workopolis first).

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