Earn $25 filing a bug report, enhancement request, or user story

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for #iPhone #app #myNestEgg ~ the retirement calculator (link at iTunes store) and receive an Amazon gift card (one winner per category).

I am starting this mostly for fun, three categories ($25 per category):

bug report; enhancement request; user story

Send email to uudaddy(No Spam) AT gmail DOT com. This runs until Dec 31, 2010. One entry for one person.

How the prize being determined
My 7 months and a half daugher gets to decide 🙂

Seriously, I will decide according the merits.

AmazonThankYou2010-04-27 myNestEgg_12_2010-10-25_2

Version 1.2 is coming
Just in time for annual benefits enrollment. The following is a glimpse. Note I purchased Glyphish Pro icons this time. So hopefully you can show this app to your friends without being embarrassed for lack of icons in version 1.0/1.1


1. What’s the hardware and software requirements of myNestEgg iPhone (iOS) app?
iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, with iOS 3.1.2 or later.

2. How much does it cost at iTunes app store?
99 cents in the US, and equivalent in other countries. Btw, if you can help me translate the app into languages: Japanese Spanish, Korean etc, we will pay for your purchase (and more).

3. What’s the difference between some of the free retirement calculator apps and this app?
I noticed some of the free app are more like marketing tools for financial advisor company, in other words, their goal is to sell you (the users) financial products or services, not necessary the best retirement app.

On the other hand, we are not selling you any financial products or services, our only goal is to make app delights our users.

(Update Jan 7, 2011) Tony, the user reported the first bug of myNestEgg, is the winner of the $25 Amazon gift card. I bought Tony the gift card a few days ago, and he was very gracious.

While this campaign goes to an end for now, I welcome any comments, bug reports for my iOS apps. Just email us at uudaddy(No Spam) AT gmail DOT com. Thanks again!

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